Gunnin' it

We're going with the guns!

Here's my first attempt at making a procedural gun. Something's not quite right...

For this, I was using the 'drunkard walk' method of proliferation. With this method, you spawn an initial tile. Then pick either North, South, East or West of this tile. Spawn another tile there, and repeat. This was easy but it just didn't give me the 'blobby' results I was looking for.

So I changed tactics. Instead of "growing" the gun from the butt one at a time, I tried generating them row by row. By randomising the width and number of these rows, we have the guns you see below.

This worked great! The guns are wacky and bulbous, but the end of the barrel always stuck to the far left. Also it sometimes goes off into eternity without touching the gun at all. Besides, what if we want some little squat guns?

There we go! We have now have a little more variety AND sights. We'd need these otherwise these guns would be impossible to aim. Something I don't like about this new system is that now we rarely get those nice long barrels from before. Perhaps I'll add another dice roll where, if there's space in front of the current barrel, maybe grow a bit?

I'm really happy with the gun generation - next step is adding the little switches and bolts that will serve as the main gameplay.


Also I'm using Rotorz Tile System (which is sadly now deprecated) to handle the edges and corners, and ensuring the correct artwork goes in the right place.

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